It’s that time of the year again. We will be starting the regular season games soon. The season should go on for about 3 months and we will take a few Sundays off to observe the usual holidays. Easter Sunday and  Memorial Day during the Spring season. Labor Day and Thanksgiving during the Fall season.  Look for schedule and club updates on our website. You can download a copy of the Sign-Up form on our website here. We would appreciate it if you could do it in advance, before the game. Just keep in mind, that unregistered players will NOT take part in officially sanctioned last Dream games until registration is completed.

Another season of soccer for members of Last Dream Soccer Club is upon us. We are thrilled to have you as club members! A lot has been happening at the Last Dream soccer club. New teams have been formed and old teams have new faces or new coaches. Our facilities have received some much-needed TLC and many of our club members have been hard at work making things happen for the season openers! Thank you to everyone who has been involved in some way! We want to keep the lines of communication open to not only our club members but the community, as well. We have a lot of great things happening at Last Dream Soccer Club and we want to share that with whoever will listen! Our website will share team information, club happenings, and important information regarding Last Dream Soccer Club and anything else we think our club members would like to see. Please feel free to share your ideas with us! We are adding a large number of new members to the Last Dream Soccer Club every year! We are very proud to be a part of the Last Dream Soccer Club and we hope you are too! Help us to continue making us a great place for all of our members to play soccer. We are a family and we can’t do it without you! Good luck with a great season!!! 

Club history

Last Dream Soccer Club was started by Mauricio Peres, Raffaele Abbernade, and Hugo Martinera back in 2000. After a tournament in Jamaica earlier that year, these three players decided to form a soccer club that encompassed their love of the game, together with the camaraderie, good fellowship, and fun of playing with friends and enjoying a day of sun, fun, and soccer. From those humble beginnings, Mauricio and Rafael have slowly increased the exposure of the soccer club, while Hugo decided to create his club in the area. Our club has many retired professional soccer players from various countries, who can continue to perform competitively. Our club started with only a few people and has grown now has 100s of members who want to be part of the fun and competitive environment. We hope that the club will continue to grow and that more soccer players will come and be part of our organization, and follow our creed of brotherhood, convivial spirit, competition, and community!

Last Dream Divisions

The Last Dream Soccer Club is a collection of various age groups located in Royal Palm Beach County, Florida. The Club currently has many teams playing at Seminole Palms Park, Palm Beach County (soccer fields are managed by the city of Royal Palm Beach) All of the  Club is divided into 4 divisions based on the player’s age.
Last Dream Soccer Club’s Fall Season play begins in August and continues through December. All of the matches are played on Sunday mornings starting at 8:30 am. After an extended winter break matches resume for the spring season in late January with the same game time schedule and run until June. At the end of the season the most, if not all teams will compete in a playoff to determine each division’s Champions. Players can join the club by directly emailing team managers, new teams can join the club by contacting admins for information.