Gonna miss you Chris. Our deepest and heartfelt condolences go out to Popoff family. RIP ......

Soccer isn’t something that you can fake, its a feeling, a passion, a lifestyle. If you don’t live, eat, sleep, and breath soccer, then you are not a true Soccer Player, you just wear the jersey. ......

If you want to see me, you must be quick. if you want to catch me, you must be fast. if you want to beat me, you must be kidding. ......

My girlfriend told me to choose between her and soccer…I am really gonna miss her. LOL ......

Every moment you spend not playing soccer, someone out there is getting better than you. ......


Republican U.S. Congress District 18

A True American • A True Conservative Working For The Working People

Mark is a physician and retired lieutenant commander in the Naval Reserve. He’s a doctor who has decided to throw his hat into the race to represent Florida’s 18th Congressional District to run for the U.S. Senate. He’s self-financing his campaign and is strongly conservative. He also seems to see American politics as not just a battle between ideologies, but also between different groups of Americans divided along demographic lines.

This coming Sunday June 3rd  future US Congressman Mark Freeman will break bread with us.  Come say hello and enjoy all the festivities!!!

The Last Dream Soccer Club of Royal Palm Beach held its weekly soccer gathering on Sunday, at Seminole Palms Park in Royal Palm Beach. Players enjoyed a sunny day of game play and also welcomed a special visitor, Dr. Mark Freeman, a Republican who is running for U.S. Congress in District 18. Freeman will shared with club members his vision for America. To learn more about Freeman’s campaign, visit https://votemarkfreeman.com. For more information about the Last Dream Soccer Club, visit www.lastdreamsoccer.com.

The 2018 United States House of Representatives elections will be held on November 6, 2018. Elections will be held to elect representatives from all 435 congressional districts across each of the 50 U.S. states.

MARK’s FREEMAN  Platforms

Economy – Keep taxes and spending low. Historically, tax cuts have stimulated growth and led to increased government revenue. Social Security COLA increase.
Free but fair trade – Focus should be on China. China can be good trading partner, but China must respect international law, specifically in regard to patent and trademark infringement

Carbon Emissions – The science here is bad. Recent science says only 1/3 of problem is carbon emissions while over 50% is from soap and shampoo and aerosols.

Water/Environment – We need to fix the Lake Okeechobee dike and increase the capacity of Lake Okeechobee. For sea level rise, we need good water management, reservoirs/cleaning and pump stations.


Brothers, one of our members Todd Willis, a current member of the Islanders 50 FC team suffered a stroke last and have been hospitalized since. He will need lots of good energy and good vibes from all of the Last Dream Soccer Club members. We all hope that he will overcome this unexpected illness very soon and will be back on the soccer field as good as new.  As you are healing, may you feel warmth and compassion from all who care about him. Best wishes that you will soon be back to doing all the things you love.

Todd is currently admitted in the hospital at St Mary’s on 45th Street undergoing therapy. We have set up a go fund me page to assist with his hospital cost. To make a donation, please click the link below.



Brothers, one of the founding members of the team PB Peru 50 Alfredo ‘Mata’ Arevalo was detained by the Immigration and Naturalization Service. While he is in the process of working things out his family has fallen on hardship. Mata will need to hire a lawyer as well as provide for his family. Team PB Peru will be holding a small get together after their game on Sunday. If you can find it in your heart to help him and his family, please see team’s captain William Bardales.

We have known Alfredo Arevalo for the past few years, first as a Last Dream Club member and later as one of the founders of the Palm Beach Peru soccer team. In recent years we got to know Alfredo much more and happy to have him as one of the ‘brothers’ of the Last Dream club.

When he first arrived in our club, Alfredo Arevalo as a very timid and quiet spoken individual. But, over the year he grew more vocal and became outspoken club’s supporter. As long as we know Alfredo, he always possessed more than ample command of the English language. With time we’ve realized that not only was Alfredo Arevalo very bright, he was an incredibly hard working individual who was determined to overcome all challenges he faced.

Clearly, Alfredo Arevalo’s deeds speak for themselves. He is a highly intelligent individual who never loses sight of his goals. He is also a fine person with a great deal of integrity who we are proud to call our friend. I therefore have no hesitation whatsoever in unreservedly recommending Alfredo Arevalo as a trustworthy person who can always be counted on, regardless of the enterprise.

Alfredo is an excellent source of inspiration to his team as well as a mentor to the club’s newcomers. He contributed and volunteered his time to the Last Dream soccer club. His knowledge combined with leadership abilities that help to build club and his team soccer team. He is a dedicated captain, hard worker who is always committed to excellence. Thank you in advance for all your help.


It looks like once again I have to be the bearer of bad news. Gabriel’s PET (positron emission tomography) scan came back positive. The masses and fluid in his lungs came back. I want to thank everyone who helped to support Gabriel Siva’s GoFundMe complain in the past. But, we are done yet.
About 6 months ago he was diagnosed with acute Lymphoblastic Lymphoma. He completed his 8th chemo therapy about a month ago. But, it looks like remission didn’t last very long. Few days ago Gabe experienced a shortness of breath and when back to the hospital for tests. The results are not what we were looking for, cancer came back.

This time around Gabe will need a more aggressive treatment. He will be going to Tampa for perhaps 3 months, possibly even longer. The plan is calling for two aggressive chemo therapies with more advanced drugs every two weeks and once cancer goes in to remission he will be doing a BMT. A bone marrow transplant is a treatment that replaces unhealthy marrow with a healthy one. It’s also called a blood or marrow transplant. Bone marrow is a soft, sponge-like tissue in the center of most bones. It produces white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets. But, before transplant, he will get chemo chemotherapy with or without radiation to destroy the diseased blood-forming cells and marrow. Then, healthy cells are given to Gabe, the procedure is not surgery. The new cells go into his bloodstream through an intravenous (IV) line. It’s just like getting blood or medicine through an IV. The cells find their way into marrow, where they grow and start to make healthy red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets.

People, he will need lots of good energy and good vibes. We all hope that he will overcome this scary disease very soon. Gabriel will have to stay in Tampa for a prolong period of time. He and his family will have to travel back and forth and that take money, a lot of money. Keep in mind, all of this time he hasn’t been work. Therefore, if you can find in your heart to help him and his family in this time of need will be greatly appreciated. Please, believe me anything you can do will help. I will resurrect the GoFundMe page and will schedule a fundraising campaign at the Last Dream Park. Thanks again and god bless.

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Letter from Gabriel Silva

I will like to express my deepest gratitude to every one of the members of Last Dream Soccer. The last two months have been a roller-coaster of emotions since the diagnosis of my Lymphoblastic Leukemia. The emotional and financial support of all of you, my friends have been more than I have ever expected. Me and my family will always be thankful for such compassion in this time of our lives.

I don’t know what the future holds for us, only God knows, But I promise to pay it forward one day. I will like to give a special thanks to Dimitri, Mauricio, George, Mr. Miller, Carlos, Pica, Osmin, Willie, Joe, Colombo, Geneva and Sammy for going above and beyond to help me. It’s an honor to be a member of such a great community of players and friends. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart,

God Bless,
Ps. I’ll be back soon in the field, good luck trying to catch me……


Another season of soccer for members of Last Dream Soccer Club is upon us. We are thrilled to have you as club members! A lot has been happening at Last Dream! New teams have been formed; old teams have new faces and/or new coaches. Our facilities have received some much needed TLC and many of our club members have been hard at work making things happen for the season openers! Thank you to everyone who has been involved in some way! We want to keep the lines of communication open to not only our club members, but the community, as well. We have a lot of great things happening at Last Dream Soccer Club and we want to share that with whoever will listen! In our website will share team information, club happenings and important information regarding Last Dream Soccer Club and anything else we think our club members would like to see. Please feel free to share your ideas with us! We are adding a large number of new members to the Last Dream Soccer Club every year! We are very proud to be a part of Last Dream Soccer Club and we hope you are too! Help us to continue making us a great place for all of our members to play soccer. We are a family and we can’t do it without you! Good luck on a great season!!! GO Last Dream Soccer!!!

Seminole Palms Park

ENTRANCE: 151 Lamstein Lane, Royal Palm Beach, Florida 33411
HOURS: Sunrise – Sunset *lighted athletic fields (permit required) open until 10:00 pm

Clean Fun

Club member, there was a problem at Seminole Palms Park last Sunday. Park was left dirty, garbage everywhere. Now, I’m not saying our guys done that. But, I need you guys to be aware that it is a public park and no drinking is allowed. In order to keep the park clean club will purchase large garbage bags, buy a couple of trashcans and assigned the trash cans to the captains of the teams that stay after the game so they can clean up their own mess. Once the games are over (after 4 PM) you need to clean up after yourselves. You are NOT responsible for keeping the entire park clean, but you are responsible for picking up your trash. Thank you in advance for your cooperation

Clothing Drive

What’s old becomes new. Please, consider the used soccer ball in the trunk of your car or ball bag sitting in your garage. Last Dream is currently running ‘Pass It On’ clothing drive to collect and donate new and used soccer equipment helping to redistribute items to communities that have limited access to proper gear. The goal is to collect and redistribute soccer equipment to people and communities around Florida and the world. Give back and share the joy of the game with others! Please see Mike Miller or Bill Shea on Sunday. Thank you!I wanted to share a thank you letter from the church organization in Jamaica that benefited from the donations of soccer gears (balls, boots, uniforms, etc.) from the Last Dream Soccer Club. As fellow soccer players, it is heartwarming to see that the items that we (Last Dream Soccer Club) donate are put to good use in keeping the spirit and passion for the sport alive in the hearts of these young people. On behalf of the Palm Beach Islanders Soccer Club we sincerely thank you.

Letter from Seventh Day Adventist Church

Seventh Day2
Seventh Day